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Vinyl Liners- Choosing a new liner for your pool

 There are a few important things to consider when replacing the liner in your pool. You want your liner to be made from virgin vinyl. Vinyl that has never been recycled or reground. Recycled vinyl does not last as long. Choosing the manufacturer is very important as well. All liners are not created equal. You want a liner that has a high petroleum or oil content. The more petroleum (plasticizer oil) the liner has the longer its gonna resist chemical burn and dry rotting. Another important factor is thickness, which is decided by 2 main variables, mil and guage. Without getting too technical you want to purchase a liner that is from a manufacturer using “mil” as the thickness factor. There are different seam technologies as well which is an important aspect because that is what the liner is warranted for, seam separations. You want to purchase a liner with vulkemized or welded seams. A good liner manufacturer uses a double welded seam process. This is the strongest method available. Then the most popular part of choosing a new liner is the pattern or design. We pride ourselves here at Above Water Pools with the high quality liners we offer that have the best virgin vinyl available in the industry. Being a small family company we are very high quality and offer new vinyl liners that are second to none. Our liners are far superior than anything you can purchase at the retail level. Pool stores and retailers (including on the internet) do not make money selling pools, they make their money selling liners, parts and chemicals. They aren’t generally concerned with how long your liner lasts. We hope this helps in your decision on purchasing a new liner for your pool. Give us a call and we’ll help you choose a quality liner with expert installation. “Don’t get $oaked…stay ABOVE WATER!” (215)945-2075 PA   (856)231-8666 NJ




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