Swimming Pool Parts and Service

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Swimming Pool Services

We offer many prompt and professional services for all your pool needs. Below is a list of many services we offer on a routine basis. If there is a service you are in need of that is not listed, give us a call and inquire about what you need, we will surely help as much as possible.

Swimming Pool Insurance Claims:

We inspect damage to your pool for insurance claims. We meticulously investigate damage and coverage and can provide timely and adequate estimates to make sure you get your pool repaired properly and professionally. We work with your insurance company until settlement so you get what you deserve as a result of your loss. Don’t know if your covered? Give us a call!

Swimming Pool Inspections and Swimming Pool Estimates:

We provide a professional inspection service for damage, repairs, service, Installation, renovation, liners or consultation. Know beforehand of what you are dealing with to avoid and minimize unexpected situations and costs by taking advantage of this service.

Swimming Pool Real Estate Certifications and Inspections:

We work with agents and the general public to carefully inspect pools for real estate transactions before buying or selling a home. Don’t get stuck with costly repair bills after Move-in. We provide an in-depth inspection/certification checklist on site along with any recommendations.

Swimming Pool Pressure Testing:

Circulation and flow restricted? We have the proper pressure testing equipment to diagnose and pinpoint any breaches or breaks in underground plumbing lines, piping and valves. We can provide expert consultation and repairs on all failing lines. Call for appointment.

Swimming Pool Acid and Powerwashing Services:

For Pools, decks, patios, general cleaning and prep. services. We do patio and deck staining (concrete and wood), water-proofing and re-coats. Filters– We clean, unclog and acid wash filter tanks (both D.E. and Sand) to improve performance and flow. Valuable service, schedule today!

Swimming Pool Drain and Clean Service:

Whether you open your pool in poor condition, inherit it or it just gets away from you, We can clean and get it manageable for you again. Vinyl and Concrete. Normal drain and clean service includes: Pump-down, cleaning and rinsing and start refill (re-set liner if vinyl). Vinyl liners can shrink if pool is emptied! Draining a vinyl liner pool for cleaning is a sensitive process. We do not recommend doing this yourself.

Swimming Pool Openings and Closings:

We open and close approx. 100 pools every year. We provide a complete and comprehensive Service. We provide our own proprietary chemical system with every opening/closing, and all labor. We can also price and provide any parts you may need. Don’t risk costly repairs! Opening and Closing maintenance can be crucial to the longevity of your pool. Make sure your pool is serviced properly. Space is available. Call for Appointment.

We offer sales, installation and service of chlorine generated salt systems. Save money, lower maintenance and less toxic!

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Inground and Above Ground Swimming Pool Parts

Sales and Service of hundreds of parts and supplies, including installation and repair. We specialize in hard to find parts for Esther Williams, Johnny Weismuller and Kayak pools. We sell and install lights, cleaners. Filters, pumps, chemicals, covers, steps, ladders, covers, decks, fencing, chlorine feeders and just about anything you may need for your pool with the top brands in the industry. Need a part, installation or repair? Give us a call!

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New Swimming Pool Packages:

We sell and install new or replacement pool packages. Complete with filter system. Deluxe upgraded full design liner, free automatic pool cleaner and maintenance equipment. Excavation may be additional. This has been a popular program that we run all year long. We like to call it “One call, hassle free Swimming!” Call for professional consultation.

Inground Swimming Pool Paint and Resurfacing:

We offer continuing discounts on all of our top of the line pool finishes and paints. We use only top quality Kelly Technical and Olympic Products. We offer sales and complete service for Hi-Build Epoxy and conversion coatings, Rubber based and Acrylic pool paints. Service includes: consultation, prep. Package, all material to complete work and labor. Let us restore your pool to a like new condition!