Inground Swimming Pools

Inground Swimming Pool Liner Replacement

Our liners are hand selected and made with the best computerized seam welding technology available. The uniqueness of our patterns is the 3D effect which in the end is really what matters most, the overall look! Our liners have a high oil and UV inhibitor content to protect from the sun and premature fading from normal chemical usage, giving you and your family years of enjoyment. Call for professional consultation and quote today!

Professional Vinyl Liner Installation



Before and After Custom Freeform Liner Installation


Complete Inground Swimming Pool Renovation and Rebuilding

We specialize in complete renovations, rebuilds and all repairs. Liners, concrete, tile, coping, excavation, underground pipe/line replacement, bottom/base damage, wall cave-in and damage rebuilds, decking, etc, etc… See some of our Custom work below.

Inground Swimming Pool Coping, Tile and Concrete Renovation

Inground Wall Collapse, Rebuild and Liner


Inground Swimming Pool Paint, Coatings and Resurfacing

We specialize in Custom Resurfacing and Recoating options. We can easily convert your old, out of date plaster, gunite or paint surface to a Hi– Build Epoxy system, Rubber or Acrylic Coating for a fraction of the cost. We also do acid and power washing, cleanings and prep work, deck and concrete coatings, coping solutions and periodic maintenance recoats. Give us a call for all your professional Pool Painting needs! Sales and Service.

Below are some before and after pics of a gunite to Epoxy Paint Conversion and a Renovation with crack repairs, new Paint Coating, Tile and Coping.

Kelly technical coatings
Olympic Inground Swimming Pool Coatings


Inground Swimming Pool Repairs and Service

We perform all kinds of pool repairs, skimmer replacements, spa wall spillover rebuilds, tile repair, pressure testing, underground line repair, coping repairs, tile line and plaster repair, perimeter deck to coping caulk/seal, filter repair and replacement, leak detection, acid and power Washing, cleaning, removals and landscaping. We Do It All!!
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Inground Spa Wall Rebuild

Inground Skimmer Replacements, Coping Repairs and Replacement, Perimeter Seal and Tile Repairs shown below

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Filter Systems, Pumps, Plumbing, Valves, Re-piping, Installation, Diagnostics, Repairs, Sales and Service.

Pool Lights, Standard and Color Show!

Salt Chlorine Systems