Swimming Pool Liner Solutions

Protective wall Pad Insulation

Protective Wall Pad Insulation is a closed cell protective barrier that rolls out and gets glued to your pool wall with an adhesive.It prevents your pool liner from directly touching your pool wall, which breaks down naturally and causes oxidation and rust. It prevents premature liner casualties and creates a smooth insulated surface for your liner to lay against. It may also help keep pool wall warmer, giving you an earlier and later pool season. An inexpensive, highly effective upgrade to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your pool. Whether installing pool brand new or replacing your liner, ask us about installing protective wall pad insulation. For Above and Inground Pools. Can also be used as a base cover or root and rock pad deterrent/shield for hard and soft bottoms pools.

Protective Wall Pad
Swimming Pool Protective Wall Pad

Growing problems with vinyl liners and leaks

How to protect your pool

Termites and Ants

Termites are sub-terranean. They are in the ground. They find swimming pools usually by accident, but once found they will devour and destroy your pool liner in no time! They eat large areas of pin holes throughout liner causing leaks and damage. We are finding now that ants can cause this type of damage as well. Above Water Pool Service can mitigate this type of intrusion and set up a maintenance plan to keep you covered. If you have a leak or unusual problem, give us a call. We can help!

Small Animals and Rodents

Small animals and rodents, namely moles, squirrels, ground hogs, mice, rats and rabbits, can burrow and tunnel under your pool eventually not only eating through your liner but cause an enormous amount of damage to your pool and bottom base. Call and ask about our rodent control services and maintenance.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner Mole